AiB Helderheid - Samenwerking - Resultaat stands for Clarity - Collaboration - Results. AiB helps organisations and individuals to understand and clarify what lies underneath interpersonal behaviour. To clarify what it takes to substantially improve how people collaborate and what it takes to get to outstanding results.

Bringing teams together, making invisible bottlenecks visible and address them effectively, personalising issues to increase engagement and involvement. Time after time, creating the needed circumstances and boundary conditions to achieve breakthrough - creatively, playfull, innovative and above all: result driven. 

What exactly comes out of such a process is unknown, in fact it is crucial to be openminded yet focused on the matter, not on any previously determined results. It all is about getting the essence out in the open, so people are willing and capable to do something with it.

Training, coaching, consultancy

AiB delivers tailormade training, coaching and consultancy to organizations and companies. It varies from individual support, to workshops and trainingsessions of several days.

Realisatie: Numaga-Design, Nijmegen.